About TYO

TYO is a Japanese bar-restaurant headed by the internationally-renowned chef, Yama-San – the only Sushi Master in Israel!

The restaurant is located in a historical conservation building, which is one of the most unique in Israel. From the moment you step into the impressively-designed space of the restaurant your senses come to life. The eclectic and original decor, high-quality and perfectly fresh Japanese food, and fabulous background music all enhance your dining pleasure for a truly unforgettable sensation.


TYO’s Unique Concept

TYO creates an intensively international experience in which the focus is on traditional Japanese cuisine with a modern twist. Here, the elegant and highly-precise Japanese kitchen meets the vibrant tempo of the Mediterranean atmosphere.

TYO is based on a golden triangle. It was founded by a group of partners with experience in the evening entertainment sector who understand the quality taste of TYO’s guests. The partners employed a leading culinary staff, led by Yasuto Oyamada (aka Yama-San), the founder of New York City’s sushi temple, Morimoto. Together, the team ensures that TYO provides an unforgettable culinary experience at the heart of Tel Aviv.


TYO’s Menu

The menu includes traditional Japanese dishes, creative desserts and delightful cocktails. Guests can select from a variety of sushi, first courses, and main courses prepared with the freshest Mediterranean fish. In addition to the regular menu, TYO offers a variety of daily and weekly specials, based on the freshly-caught gifts of the sea.

Naturally, guests enjoy accessible parking service at the entrance of the restaurant, throughout the opening hours.

Japanese Restaurant in Tel Aviv

Japanese Restaurant in Tel Aviv

The Japanese cuisine offers a culinary experience that is exquisite and richly flavored, and it is well known that Japanese food is also among the healthiest cuisines. In light of the demand for quality Japanese food the TYO restaurant was established, a new Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv providing a unique and extraordinary culinary experience and a thrilling night out in a well designed and beautiful building destined for preservation. If you’re also looking for a Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv, you should know about TYO, which offers you the perfect outing and a variety of dishes from traditional and precise Japanese cuisine with a special and contemporary twist including fresh fish from the Mediterranean Sea and high quality ingredients from Israel and around the world. the kitchen is run by Israel’s only sushi master and together with his group of partners – Yaki, Adi and Haim, the restaurant’s customers receive a perfect night out and a unique and unforgettable culinary experience.

Israel’s leading Japanese chef

To enjoy elegant, precise, and tasty Japanese food, you should look for a good Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv, but it’s only at TYO that you can enjoy the fruit of a world renowned sushi master’s hands. Chef Yama San was born in Japan and learned the secrets of the profession when he was a child. After he grew up he moved to Tokyo and learned Japanese culinary secrets in the best kitchens and restaurants. At age 21 he moved to New York and gained experience with all styles of Japanese cuisine in New York’s leading restaurants, including the well known Morimoto restaurant which is considered a shrine for sushi in the United States. Thus he quickly became a sushi master esteemed throughout the world. His extensive experience in the field contributed to his personal success and Japanese restaurants from around the world have invited him to act as an expert culinary consultant.
Following his immigration to Israel with his Israeli wife, chef Yama San continued providing culinary consulting services to restaurants in Israel and recently launched the TYO restaurant with his business partners, a new Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv which is highly recommended.

Events at the restaurant

You should know that you can hold special events at the TYO restaurant, including high concept events with a luxurious and unique atmosphere, family events of all types, including birthdays, cocktail parties for companies and organizations and business and social events such a product launches and so on. The well designed space provides an unforgettable atmosphere, and combined with the exquisite and precise Japanese dishes and excellent service, you are guaranteed an unforgettable event which guests will continue talking about for a long time.

Original and exciting menu

As stated, the TYO restaurant is a recommended Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv offering a particularly high quality culinary experience and stunning and unique contemporary design. At the center of the restaurant is a fabulous round bar, and designed tables with comfortable seating are scattered around the sides. The kitchen staff, directed by sushi master Chef Yama San, offers an outstanding and high quality culinary experience, it should be emphasized that the restaurant is strict in selecting the highest quality and freshest ingredients to be found in Israel and around the world, and prepares the sauces accompanying the dishes on the premises. The menu is rich and includes classic sushi rolls alongside surprising specialty rolls, a selection of first and main courses, thrilling specials, superb combinations, excellent desserts, sake, and a selection of fine wines.

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