tyo restaurant is a Japanese chef  restaurant with a lounge atmosphere, led by the
Japanese chef and master of sushi, Yama-san.
TYO has been located in the picturesque Neve Tzedek neighborhood for the past three
years (out of nine years of operation), in a 120-year-old preserved building, providing
diners with a unique and aesthetically pleasing culinary experience reminiscent of
upscale restaurants in Soho, New York.

The restaurant serves traditional and meticulous Japanese cuisine, using only high-
quality ingredients, with a precise menu that includes dishes from all corners of the

Japanese kitchen and traditional preparation methods, beautiful presentations, a rich
selection of sushi, dishes cooked on the grill, stews, and authentic dishes created by the chef.

The interior space is adorned with red and white tiles and divided into a spectacular
patio with seating areas, with some of them located at the intimate bar. The main space
is divided into several levels: the central bar, additional tables surrounding it, and
another seating area on the slightly elevated stage. Above all, the gallery overlooks the
entire scene, like a private room with 18 seating spots.