Meet Yama Sun


Yasuto Oyamada, better-known today as Yama-san, was born in the southern Japanese province of Kagoshima and grew up in the mountains with the traditional local seasonal produce: fish, shellfish and other seafood, and fruit. His mother kept a meticulously-groomed, traditional Japanese garden which included persimmons, plums and unshiu citrus. Every year they would pick the fruit, set aside about 10 of each for themselves, and send the rest to their family and friends – always sharing. Their friends would send back some of their own local produce, and so the boy learned about the variety of foods Japan has to offer.


Professional Background

Yama-san became a student of cooking in early childhood, learning from the grownups around him. When he moved to Tokyo, he had the opportunity to peek into kitchens and start learning the secrets of the trade. After specializing in the field in Tokyo, at the age of 21 he relocated to New York, where he worked in a number of large restaurants and expanded his knowledge of Japanese cooking and ingredients.


As one of the most highly-appreciated Sushi Masters in the world, Yama-san has worked at the celebrated sushi restaurant in New York City, Morimoto, and has provided culinary consultancy services to restaurants in London and St. Petersburg.

With the launch of TYO, Yama-san went to Tokyo and returned with a specially-made set of knives, each one individually suited to meet his specific demands. He also prepares the variety of sauces and sides in the restaurant, including the pickled ginger and a special soy sauce.


Yama-san’s personal touch is felt in every dish on the restaurant’s menu, and all you have to do is taste and enjoy.


Tel Aviv Chef Restaurant

Tel Aviv Chef Restaurant

TYO is a Tel Aviv chef restaurant which is recommended for all foodies and all lovers of sushi who can appreciate traditional Japanese cuisine with a surprising, fascinating and contemporary twist. TYO is a new chef restaurant in Tel Aviv which is owned by a group of partners from the world of dining and nightlife, but the most intriguing partner of them all is undoubtedly the Chef Yama San, Israel’s only sushi master. The restaurant is located in an astounding building destined for preservation and offers an elegant contemporary design which offers a perfect experience for guests.

Japanese restaurant lounge bar

It is important to stress that TYO is a non kosher chef restaurant in Tel Aviv opened to provide a unique concept which perfectly combines the traditional and precise Japanese kitchen with an outing experience meeting particularly high international standards. Sushi master Yama San prepared a contemporary menu for the restaurant’s guests, combining traditional and unique Japanese flavors with surprising flavors and quality ingredients from around the world. Thus, for example, you may find on the menu tempura crab with asparagus, Kobe beef Carpaccio, organic tofu salad, red tuna pizza on a crispy tortilla with garlic butter, parmesan, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and chili, and a variety of original and exciting dishes.

A Japanese restaurant in the heart of the Mediterranean

TYO is a romantic chef restaurant in Tel Aviv which offers an unusual outing experience thanks to the special dishes and atmosphere of the place. All of the guests receive dedicated and courteous service by a professional and skilled staff, with the highest standard of customer service. So if you are interested in spending time in a special and romantic restaurant you should order a place at TYO. You are guaranteed a surprising culinary experience and a perfect romantic outing. The restaurant is located in an amazing building destined for preservation, and underwent extensive renovations to provide an intimate and unique atmosphere which can be felt already upon entering the space. You should also know that TYO is a Tel Aviv chef restaurant of the highest level. It is particularly suitable for romantic couples interested in going out and enjoying wonderful Japanese food to stimulate the senses, and spending time in a luxurious and elegant space with a stunning balcony which is open in the summer, and which enables guests to enjoy the fresh air and perfect backdrop of a million stars above.

A perfect night out

As stated, fans of Japanese cuisine and anyone who loves sushi and international flavors will find what they are looking for at TYO, a chef restaurant in Tel Aviv – Yaffo. The restaurant is rightfully considered the best chef restaurant in Tel Aviv and you should know that parking services are made available to our guests throughout the restaurants hours of operation. The exquisite and intriguing menu includes traditional dishes from Japanese cuisine combined with fresh fish from the Mediterranean Sea, specials that change by the season, and a selection of creative and richly flavored desserts. Guests can also enjoy a full alcohol bar and each guest will receive advice and recommendations from a sommelier.

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